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Winter Months and Ten Year Anniversary

(Blog Post from December 7, 2018)

Hello Friends and Soul Family!

The Approaching Winter Months

As we approach the darker months of winter, it’s helpful to think about the many ways our Earth Mother is actually just becoming very quiet, becoming ready to rejuvinate herself in the spring.

This is a good analogy for us - as the year draws to a close, what things do we need to discard? What do we keep, and what new loving behaviors and healthier energies can we bring on-board for the New Year?

This year, Winter Solstice falls on Friday, December 21…place a note on your calendar! Then, gather a few friends together for healthy food and refreshments. Invite everyone to light candles, create vision boards or write up your own personal affirmations for yourself, and affirm loving wishes for family and friends.

Ceremony can be a simple but powerful way to connect with family in a meaningful way at this busy time. You can also simply stand in a circle, holding hands while sharing each’s dream for the coming year.

Announcing A New Service to Celebrate My Upcoming Ten Year Anniversary

At the start of this New Year it will be ten years since I started my own business working as a seer and psychic.

That work gradually evolved into clearings of negative energies and etheric body distortions, as well as soul retrievals.

And, in 2012 I discovered the quantum field. When we are in the quantum, we are Every-where and Every-when. We have the ability to remove programmed traumas from our past lives, clear past lives, clear trauma stemming from early childhood as well as ancestral traumas, any curses and contracts, and much more.

If any of these issues resonate with you please schedule a quantum session soon.

New Service Offered

Also, I have a new service I’ll be offering! I get numerous emails every week with people requesting my ability to “see” and peer into their life’s most pressing issues and help them with difficult decisions. In light of these frequent requests and in celebration of my ten years of owning my own healing business, I am offering 30-minute phone - as well as remote - Psychic Intuitive Readings. And, I will be charging $75 - the price I was charging in 2009.

Psychic/Intuitive readings can help us move forward…letting go of what no longer serves us, or validating and confirming what we already knew.

My seeing abilities have improved vastly in the last ten years so I look forward to offering my abilities to help you with any questions that may be causing confusion and perhaps keeping your frequency in a low range.

30-Minute Psychic/Intuitive Readings

Both Phone or Remote (email) readings are available. $75.00

During this busy time, sending much love and best intentions for your health and your happiness.

Wholeness and balance,


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