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Wanted to let you know that your work out of everyone I have used is by far the best result. I am able to hold my strength and power better after you work on me. It usually takes one day to emotionally process but then I’m locked into the new program and the old person dies off. I have less anxiety and I am able to see better the areas I need to grow in with my Ascension process. Just wanted to thank u again for being apart of my journey. – TP

First of all I have been meaning to tell you how great my house feels since you did the clearings for me, it’s like a totally different place. I feel so protected here and no weird vibes at all, which blows my mind since this house terrified me my whole life! I’m so thankful you were able to do that for me! – VR

You have no idea how grateful I am to get this yuck off of me. I was so over it!! I already feel better. I feel fresh and cleaner! Part of my power feels restored. Thank u thank u thank u!! – BF

I am working on myself and getting better. Better awareness with H.S. and higher self is making me aware of blockages … also blockages on my wife … which thanks to your you tube videos I work to clear. It’s amazing what I am being shown. I have a feeling there is more.

You have no idea how much you are helping and how you’re influencing my evolution. My appreciation, much gratitude and love dear one. – JS

Thank you very much! What you do always works but what I find is that what is most needed is created from your work. I have always believed that what you do not only heals but it helps make healing connections. I have gotten so much out of knowing you…you have not idea. I will definitely do the grounding exercise. – NR

I have felt some very big differences which I’m still sorting through. I’ve been getting outside of the house to run for the last 4 days and have felt more motivation to just move than I have since I can remember. Getting myself out of the house especially when it’s dark is huge for me. I’ve felt clearer and lighter with a better tolerance of discomfort. I’m feeling more at peace and kinder to myself. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m feeling because I haven’t felt this way ever. So thank you thank you thank you. I so appreciate it and I so appreciate you. Your readings were so right on including about stuff I haven’t thought about in a while but always is bothering me on a less conscious level. I mean just everything you said made so much sense. – RM

Thank you, Valentina! It was truly an amazing experience working with you and the many light beings out in the universe and beyond. I still can’t believe all that we experienced together. I will continue to practice and heal. – MA


Dear Valentina,

Those two first healing have changed a lot in me! I do not need to drink alcohol anymore! I fell no stress going out and not drinking! I do not have to fight with myself for not drinking!

My food regulation his a lot better!

I do not dream of me being very fat any more!

I sleep more deeply!

I wake up feeling a lot better in my head and body!

I have more energy all day!

I fell more hope, more joy.

I fell my instinct and this is the first time in my life!

I analize better all situation and

I know how to act correctly to deal with those situations.

I feel a lot less fears.

I experience more confidence in myself!

I feel more freedom and the most important thing above all that I fell for the very first time in my life is that:



First thing I can tell you is that I have a huge sensation to breathe for the first time of my life! That I smile, I feel soft! And I feel a very soft and feminine Joy and my love for Gaia and you is strong!

Thank you so much! Love you Valentina and I am so thankful! – AS

I just want to say that I’m so thankful for what you did. I already feel a new life in my body and with myself. I’m a little bit shaken but not in bad way. I believe that I’m going to sleep a lot today! I’m so enjoyed too to see step by step how all of this grows. – TC

I have felt and been great! I am more energized and focused. I feel a lot more confident in what I am experiencing as a mystic. I cannot thank you enough for helping me by confirming what I see IS the truth and real. Previously I felt very isolated and as if I was losing my mind. I could tell people a million times what I see but no one really understood what I was experiencing, until I met you. So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for clearing me which has enabled me to focus and accept who I am. – MSA

My feelings after the sessions are that it has been extremly strong! I fell better every day! Today I went with my family all day and they were hungry and stressed and making everything such a big problem! I found myself more calm and more capable not to be touch by their violence. I was understanding there fears and pain and not responding to their upset. They end up having a nice day! I am a lot less stress! I fell more in contact with life! – LA

I’d like to give you a quick update. Today I went out with my friends (which is unusual for me), and I had a great time! Typically whenever I’m out in public I’m always alert and defensive. I think I’ve been conditioned to think that there is danger everywhere and always be on guard, but today I’ve actually been able to let go of my fear and just be myself. I just wanted to let you know that these sessions are really helping me, and I’m really glad I’m doing this work with you! – SG

Hi Valentina I just wanted to thank you for your help; this has been one of the few healing modalities I’ve experienced that has really helped me move some really stuck, even nasty energies. I might be contacting you again at some point in the future, and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone that I think will benefit. Thank you again my friend! – GF, US

Hi Valentina, thank you so much! I really appreciate all the work you did on my son! In the past 24-36 hours he has been SO good, so happy and so carefree! Laughing and chasing each other around like “Mommy you can’t catch me and kiss me all over!!!” that kind of thing, just so lightheartedly happy and loving!! He and I have been so close, and he seems to be feeling so secure and safe and just comfortable in his own skin! You have children of your own so I’m sure you do understand the depth of my gratitude, but I still want to say with all my heart THANK YOU. THANK YOU!! – PC, United States


The work you are doing is very powerful at this time.

I am feeling really good results from our work. I am thinking clearer, more focused, and moving ahead and easily doing things that I have been having a hard time doing. And both kinds of skin issues clearing up fast. Affected far less by others, and enjoying my life more.

Thank you so much. – AM, United States

Valentina, you are simply the best!!!! Better then all the rest! Thank you so much! I think your work is incredible. – JL, United States

Impressions here after the first session have been quite good and notable – I feel more resilient, optimistic, open. Many thanks for it! When I awoke yesterday morning I already felt a change in the physical makeup of the right shoulder, as if something there had changed, similar to a cramp or contraction loosening up. Quite physical. Heartfelt thanks again for the session. I could see the positive effects soon, I would say a traumatic edge which was previously there, has been taken off, leading to a healthy feeling of ’normality’. Also, I noted conversations with females to be closer, with a feeling of a better connection and more joyful. – CR, Spain

My son is going BETTER and BETTER. He has been very happy coming back from school and his academics are so much better compared to the beginning of the year!! He is talking like a “big boy” more often and is being able to start to realize his reactions. He is eating better. All the therapists are talking about how much progress he has made since the beginning of the year!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your work with my son. !! :-)!! – KO, United States

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