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Change Of Ages

(Blog Post from March 9, 2019)

In this very moment we are in a great change, a “Shift of Ages." Some believe it is the end of the world, the Apocalypse; however, this is the shift of consciousness towards the Age of Aquarius. We are in a tremendous shifting of letting go of the old age and bringing in the new.

We are now transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Each age is about 2,000 years, and shapes our society and our beliefs.

We are leaving the age of Pisces, which is a water sign. It has been the age of organized religion, control by religion, illusion, delusion, masks, false prophets, control of people’s minds to have power over them, external salvation and blind faith (to believe something with no evidence). The center of the Age of Pisces is Europe.

The Age of Aquarius is an air sign and is the age of truth, knowing, karma, open Universe, human freedom, human choice, ability to think what we want to think, Higher Self, Quantum physics, alchemy, astrology, and technology. The center of the Age of Aquarius is South America. (the age of Aquarius will have its shadow side...I feel that shadow is abuse with technology and Artificial Intelligence).

When one age shifts into another its always traumatic and chaotic. Old patterns, beliefs and behaviors have to break down in order to make space for the new patterns and beliefs. We are having a crisis in our belief systems as we change into this new consciousness.

In the age of Pisces we have been off-balance and living more in the dark than in the light. From 2018 till December 2020 we are breaking down the old, without the new grounded into place. The old paradigm coming down can bring about feelings of uneasiness and intensity as decades of ugly corruption and abuse are exposed. The peak of the shift will come with the 2020 Winter Solstice.

With the chaos and lack of understanding of the natural change of ages, we can unconsciously create a nightmare with our thoughts as we try to hold onto our old ways of being, acting and thinking. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of our thoughts, and try to think primarily about what you want to create.

The age of Pisces was the age of grace; forgiveness, no matter how badly one behaves. The age of Aquarius, however, is the age of karma - we reap what we sow.

Divine love and our Higher Selves never abandon us...although it may feel like that at times.

Allow yourself to flow with the changes and let your old belief systems and patterns of behavior fall away to the wayside. Remember, we create what we think.

Practice random acts of kindness as we enter the age of karma and the Quantum age.

If you need assistance "keeping your head above water" during our transition consider scheduling a Quantum Healing to help release old programming and make a quantum leap into the new.

I release the old with love and I embrace the new with confidence.

Much love, Valentina

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