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About Me......

Here are some things you might like to know about me.

I am a mixture of Spanish and North American Native.

My Native American lineage is Jicarilla, Mescalero Apache and Jemez Pueblo

Valentina was given to me because I was born on February 13th at 11:45 pm. (MST)

I was not born in a hospital. My mother was assisted by Doña Jesusita Aragon a respected healer and mid wife in Northern New Mexico. My mother experienced "no pain" during labor and my birth.

Sun sign is Aquarius

Moon sign is Libra

Rising sign is Scorpio (Tropical astrology)

Elemental sign: Air

Favorite gemstones: lapis azul, rose quartz, smoky quartz and turquoise

Favorite colors: gold, lapis blue and purple

Favorite activities: dancing and soaking in hot springs

I am an introvert and highly sensitive person.

I am an INFP (Myers-Briggs Personalty Type).

I have done hundreds of clearings and hundreds of soul retrievals.

I did not pick the work I do. I was picked for this work.

I started my healing practice in 2009.

I've had Three life changing spiritual awakenings.

First awakening was in 2002 while in labor with my daughter Paloma. I had an out of body experience and I flew out my ceiling into the evening sky. I met a huge radiant feminine energy made up of the stars. I call her Cosmic Mother. She held me and bathed me with unconditional love.

My second awakening was in 2006 at a dance workshop. My kundalini awakened and the power of that opened all my chakras, further opened my third eye and blow my crown chakra wide open. I again flew out into the cosmos and I was bathed in the energy of self love.

My third awakening was on December 21, 2012. While in meditation, I climbed to top of a golden pyramid without a capstone. I then begin to fly higher and higher until I hit a membrane or class ceiling. I broke (sometimes its a slide through) through the membrane and out of the matrix (doom we live under, I never knew this existed or even heard of this). I then flew into the central Sun in the center of our Milky Way. I expanded to the size of a galaxy and was bathed in liquid golden light (manna). This awakened my knowing that I am a Creator Being.

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