Quantum Healing

We all fractured off when we dropped into this 3D world (Earth Life). We gather back aspects of you that broke off from alternate timelines and dimensions. 


Connect w/ Your Higher Self

We take a journey together in a quiet meditative state and call upon your 5th dimensional energetic Self. Your Higher Self is an aspect of you that is vibrating at a much higher frequency and serves as guide and guardian to your Earthly self. 



Negative Entity Removal

Removal of negative entities that include, negative ETs, demons, entities, disincarnates, octopus, and other astral wild life. 


Etheric Body Work 

Clearing of congestion and heavy energies connected to the physical bodies energetic field. We clear negative entities and energies,  remove distortions connected to specific body parts. We connect with your inner child, expand heart and much more! 


Bi-Weekly Clearings 

Every other Friday (1st and 3rd week). Clearings and removal of negative entities attached to your physical energy fields. Regular clearings are good for energetic hygiene and not letting energetic parasites harass you and lower your vibration. 


House Clearing

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Karma Clearing

Between you and another person we clear: past lives, cut energetic cords, seal any energy leaks and clear entities connected to the other. We retrieve missing Soul pieces and gather back your energy. 


3 Quantum Healing sessions

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