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The Thoughts In My Head Are Not My Own

(Blog Post from July 19, 2018)

I am not a morning person. I move slowly in mornings, and stay in bed to ground and journal about dream time, or spend time processing as I return back into my body.

For me, sleep time is for the body and mind; the spirit however, does not sleep, and instead journeys through our unconscious and subconscious, or hangs out with the spirits of physical friends who are also out-of-body.

One thing I am aware of when returning back into body is that sometimes I cry, and feel stressed - even though the night before bed, I had none of that. At times when waking up, I am not grounded into my body and instead, float way above even though my body and mind are awake. When this happens, I believe my Spirit is in a collective unconsciousness energy field around the earth.

This energy field/ring around Earth holds every thought every human has had or is having, and is referred to by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in exploration and research about out-of-body experiences, as the "H Band Noise.” He calls the H Band Noise “the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans.” "It you consider it as truly all,” he says, "even in a current time frame, you get a better idea of the magnitude of this disorganized, cacophonous mass of messy energy.” (Ultimate Journeys, pg. 17).

The H Band Noise is a chaotic energy with fighting, yelling and screaming and feels like an angry mob. It's best advised to pass quickly through this band of energy when traveling out of body and upon returning back into body.

Get grounded as day begins

When I find myself in the H Band, I say to myself: “In body now,” and I start grounding myself back into my body by bringing down golden energy from Milky Way galactic core and anchoring my cord into core of Earth. (Below is link for a grounding meditation/exercise I made last year).

Another helpful practice: visualize and physically pull on your grounding cord (connected at our tailbone) as if pulling on a kite’s tail to bring oneself back down and then flood with golden light to keep in body.

Although I love life and life loves me...there is still more to investigate besides the H Band regarding my occasional sadness upon returning back into body and this realm. Out-of-body I am happy, confident and fearless...but when returning back into body sometimes I have felt sad and stressed.

What I discovered is that our bodies are the unconscious part of ourselves! Our bodies hold the energetic, emotional and mental traumas and distortions that can keep us in lower frequency fields.

I invest much time and energy on my physical body as well as on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I have found that moving my body as much as possible by walking, hiking, yoga, biking, dancing and making love helps move the distortions and the energy of emotions out of the body. I have also found that coffee enemas have had a profound effect in moving out distorted energy, especially anger that is stored in the liver.

Practice cutting through “thought loops” to maintain a high vibration

We are multidimensional Beings having a human experience...our consciousness is valuable to create realities and give strength to those already created.

At times I have repeating thoughts that lower my frequency…do you ever find yourself in this trap?

At first, I thought these unwanted thought loops were coming from within me...however, after investigating and trying different approaches I know it is coming from outside myself - these thoughts truly are not my own.

When I find myself in a thought loop I immediately repeat: “The thoughts in my head are not my own, the thoughts in my head are not my own,” and find this cuts the thought loop; I even perceive energy around my head that falls away. Give it try when you find yourself in repeating thought loops that lower your frequency.

Grounding Mediation/Exercise

Here's an effective meditation exercise to help you stay grounded and in your body… in the midst of a busy morning, a busy day, these chaotic times, or anytime your energy needs a boost.


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{The next eclipse occurs July 27 /lunar eclipse, and after that, August 11 /partial solar eclipse}.

Remember to take care of your physical well as your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

May we always walk in Beauty,


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