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Summer Solstice 2018

Hello Family,

How are you doing after the intense energies from the Solstice?

I ask because on the day leading up to Solstice I felt anxiety, and had to drink two adrenal cocktails (orange juice, sea salt and cream of tarter - recipe link below) to keep my body’s system in balance.

During the Solstice I went within and saw the next phases of evolution. It was shown that there are two Earths. One Earth is balanced and people are kind and authentic with no judgement or division. People are helping each other and are on the same vibrational frequency. And then I saw the 2nd Earth, and this Earth was still in the dark ages, or perhaps a better description is Draconian age. People sick, black goo in their teeth, judgmental, superstitious; humans, and especially the feminine, seen as the cause of all suffering; and people lying, cheating and stealing from each other with the mentality of lack and "me vs. them”.

Soul Retrievals

I felt I needed soul retrievals and did several, bringing back from the dark ages world all my soul pieces and energy; my anxiety subsided. After I felt better, I had sessions with two clients and saw that both had pieces stuck in this Dark Ages world. We did soul retrievals and clearings of dark ages programing, and they both reported a rapid healing and return of energy.

Feedback from one session:

“Just a quick note to tell you that it is not yet noon and I am feeling like my old self again. What an incredible difference immediately! What a wonderful healing! You are amazing Valentina.”

Phone Sessions

I am opening up phone sessions again as I feel it is important at this time to connect verbally for the healing work, and I miss you! One of the reasons I was no longer taking phone sessions is that I am not a trained therapist and I was having issues with time and boundaries. I hope we can keep session time talking about the issue at hand, and the healing work.

The sessions began with a 15-20 minute discussion of the main issue you need help with. We hang up the phone, and the client lays down while we (our Higher Selves) do the work. After work is complete, I call back and share what is cleared. I am so looking forward to assisting in any way I can to help others leave the dark ages and enter an evolved New Earth.

New: Bi Weekly Group Clearings

I would also like to remind you of group clearings every other Friday. I call them group clearings but we work on everyone individually.

Our next group clearing is Friday, June 29 and on July 13 and 27. I am very proud of group clearings! There is a lot of love and flow of golden energies. Below is link for more information.

Always with love,


Bi-Weekly Group Clearings

Adrenal cocktail recipe:

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