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Happy Holidays?

(Blog post from December 7, 2018)

Welcome to the holiday season, often a whirlwind of gift-giving, holiday parties, marketing blitzes and gatherings with family.

While the season ought to bring feelings of love, cheer and gratitude..for many, it’s also a time of great stress. Family gatherings can trigger early childhood traumas and problems with our karmic relationships. This drops physical frequency, leaving us vulnerable for astral parasitic attachments.

During the dark months of the year we are given an opportunity to go within ourselves and clear our shadows. Our shadows are wounds that are hidden deep within our subconscious and are like “hungry ghost at our table.” During this time of year when we have less light/sun our shadows come to the surface. When we ignore our shadows they become "triggers" for us to get our attention. When we do not address the inner wounds we often experience higher-than-usual levels of minor-to-severe harassment or attacks from negative parasitic energies. We can also feel more sluggish (physically), in general. Also, on the 3rd of December we enter a “Night Phase” and will not be entering a “Day Phase” (high gamma rays emanating from galactic core) again until December 21st.

In addition to the stresses of the holiday season, during the darker months of winter we must deal with the prevalence of our shadow and parasitic energy! For those who are sensitive or empathic, this can even bring on sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety.

What to do?

Allow yourself time to go within and face your shadows. Our shadows may appear like a monster or entity but when you look without fear you will see the monster is actually a wounded child crying to be seen, heard and loved. In Spirit form or with your Higher Self hold your wounded child and be attentive to child's needs. Rain golden light by calling on the galactic core/ The Great Cosmic Mother and clear your inner child of traumas and then place child into your heart.

You can also schedule a clearing or journey with me and see how much better you feel.

To help ease your stress this holiday season I am offering clearings of negative entities. During these clearings, we remove any parasitic energies that have attached to your etheric/energy body, and any etheric bindings that are connected to them.

One client I cleared yesterday morning emailed me: “I think I knew you had cleared me this morning...all that sludgy stuff is off me and I feel so good, pure, and light. Thank you!!”

Many clients report that my clearings assist them tremendously - particularly so during these dark, or Night Phases.

Remote Clearings of Negative Entity and Attachments


(at bottom of services page)

Quantum Journey

You can also schedule a quantum journey with me, where we expand our core essence, travel beyond the matrix met with our Higher Selves and journey in the quantum field.


Welcome The Return of Light, Valentina

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