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Death Paid Me A Visit......

(Blog Post from June 20, 2018)

Death Paid Me A Visit…

A couple of times in the month of May, “Death” paid me a visit. It appeared as a black skeleton with cape and sickle. On both occasions I said “no;” it is not my time.

First visit I was defiant, saying “no, you can’t make me go with you, “no, I have free will” and "it is my will that I stay," and he went away. The second time I encountered “Death,” I said no, but this time I was more curious as too why he came around again thinking, "what is dying within me? What part of my life will be leaving?

I flew with him (definitely male vibrating energy), and he showed me a land with the sun rising, waving his arm with sickle over the land. I did not understand and I did not like his energy so I flew away and had Organic Beings of Light (from galactic core) travel down and take “death” back to galactic core, where I saw him dissolve into golden particles.

When this death entity visited me I was never in a state of panic, fear or depression; it felt odd that death would appear as several times I've seen myself in my 60s at my daughters wedding with long silver and white hair.

What stood out however, was how cartoonish the land and rising sun looked that he showed me. For me, that is red flag that is the synthetic matrix because it is a copy, not original, not “real." When ever I see cartoon-like visions in healing sessions it’s a clue we are dealing with a synthetic simulation/manipulation.

Another death-related aspect that caught my attention recently were the most recent high profile “suicides” (suicided) in the media, as well as a most recent session with a client.

In the session, I saw client being squeezed by hand of a giant named Cronos. I found this interesting, as I never get names of entities but this was very distinct - the name spelled out in large letters. I did not know what that meant and I am not sure if client knew either; it was discussed briefly during the share back with all the other stuff we are able to clear while working multidimenasioanlly in the quantum realm.

I did a google search about Cronos and the most interesting connection was with a Greek Titan Cronus, Cronos, Kronos. He was the father of the Greek patriarchal pantheon and what stood out most was that he carries and is associated with the sickle, associated as the God Saturn and Father Time.

“Cronus represented the destructive ravages of time which devoured all things, a concept that was illustrated when the Titan king ate the Olympian gods — the past consuming the future, the older generation suppressing the next generation.[13]” Wikipiedia.

(This reminded me of all the transformations the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn has and is going through and will continue to go through till Pluto moves out of Capricorn in 2024. Pluto, "lord of the underworld," is clearing out Saturn's shadows and is moving from a vibration of old rigid man time and patriarchal rule to a strong, wise and balanced energy).

Why is Cronos making himself known and making a big effort to harvest as many souls as possible at this time? Is it to stay relevant since so many of us are experiencing intervals of the New Earth? Is it a backlash from the old dying patriarchal system of dominance, fear and control to harvest as much energy as possible to keep the old matrix programs of old Earth going?

I do not have the answers, but I love asking the questions. I will continue to investigate and explore beyond the physical.

I wanted to share this with you in case you encounter something similar. If “Death” pays you a visit in visions, dreams or meditation, do not be fearful and do not automatically go if you feel and know it is not your time. We have the power of Creator Beings to continue to walk fearlessly and in love as we create a New Earth of balance, love, harmony and care for the Earth and each other.

Always with love, Valentina

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