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Clearings and Consciousness

(Blog Post from October 7, 2018)

Hello Family,

During the Bi-weekly Friday clearings many of you now subscribe to, I usually do not take notes of what is cleared - it slows me down, as I have to keep jumping from 9D energy to 3D form.

Therefore, usually once something is cleared I let go, and the memory quickly fades.

Every two weeks, however, I’ve noticed there are common occurrences with clients that need to be cleared. Two weeks ago a common image during clearings was of dinosaurs within and around people; I saw their tails, and we pulled them out. Perhaps this is metaphor with the dinosaurs representing outdated energy within and around the individual.

During this past Friday’s work there was a common issue that needed clearing. Numerous clients had swirling, grey mini-storms surrounding them.

When we went to vacuum out the mini-storms with golden light, they did not move up like smoke, or like etheric energy. So, we next went beneath the storms and started lifting and pushing them up.

When getting a closer look, I saw within the storms flying insects like wasps (some felt bigger like locusts); regardless of the exact description, there were masses of flying insects around individuals in what I felt were mini-storms.

When clearing storms and going higher into the galactic core to get them recycled, they hardened, felt like hives, and had the shape of a hive.

Could this be the hive mind of the synthetic matrix enveloping individuals? How has your skin been? Any red marks or eruptions?


It is important to stay informed, but also doubly important to not lose yourself in the matrix world of duality, i.e., “Us vs Them.”

That will keep one in victimhood or dominance-hood, and both ways are off-balance.

For energetic hygiene and care, periodically do give your body system a shut down, or a retreat, from distractions. Stay grounded while taking some time to walk in nature. Quiet the mind, and turn off electronics.

Love Vibration

Allow yourself to expand your heart as wide as you can, and sit in and with that energy. The best way to expand your heart is visualize someone or things you are grateful for in your life.

Hold that image as you breathe in light through your nose. Breath out through your mouth into your heart several times, and visualize a golden nugget of energy in your heart. Expand this golden nugget of energy with your breath as wide and as big as you can.

The golden nugget becomes a golden orb, and you can expand it three feet, or as wide as your home and beyond!

Bi Weekly Clearings

First and Third Fridays of the month I offer clearings for my clients. Next clearing is October 19.

Much love my Earth and Cosmic travelers,


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