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Bi Weekly Clearings

(Blog post from April 16, 2018)

Hello Family,

I am excited to announce that I/we will be offering bi-weekly group clearings. What makes our group clearings unique is that we work with Spirit helpers from outside the synthetic matrix. I work with golden organic beings from the galactic center that I call “Organic Beings of Light” or “Milky Way Beings”. The center of our Milky Way is 9th dimensional energy and is a place of pure creation. My Spirit helpers do not have human form but are orbs of radiant golden light. They have no agenda and assist with clearing negative entities and negative extra terrestrials of all shapes, sizes and dimensions.

As we each continue to raise our personal vibration, we effect the collective energy field and help to raise the vibration of humanity for our planet. Sometimes we all need a little help along our journeys and so we are offering bi-weekly clearings to provide support during our great evolutionary changes.

Group clearings will take place every other Friday starting on 3/9/18 and is a $39.00 monthly subscription service. I will not send out what is cleared, but participants can have confidence that clearings are happening every other Friday. We look forward to working together and keeping our personal energy fields clear while we continue to raise our frequency for ourselves and for the collective.

Here are some testimonials from previous group clearings.

"I felt so good Friday - I am coming into my true self and feeling empowered and joyful. Feeling free. I will start writing again." CK

"Awesome, thank you so much! I felt awesome today Valentina! Had a lot of energy!"

- AV

"We all had a great day today, back with electricity power and my health is back to high energy and centered!! I was up and running my regular day today!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"

- KC

"I felt a distinct lifting of some heavy energy this morning, thank you!"

- CO

"Today was a great day! I was happy and skipping all day. This is not a normal behaviour for me!"

- EA

Thank you for being dedicated to your own evolutionary process and our awakening.

With love and appreciation, Valentina

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