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Valentina Aragon

Meet Valentina Aragon

Quantum Healing Practitioner 

Valentina is a naturally gifted Healer living in and practicing out of Albuquerque, NM. She has dedicated her life to exploring the spiritual realms and working with the Divine Source Energy,  since her first awakening in 2002. She connects with  Divine Source Energy and her Divine Spark for healings and soul retrievals. She expresses her relationship to Spirit through many avenues, including dance, meditation, hiking, and the simple pleasure of spending time with her two beautiful children. 

Valentina draws from her intimate connection to her Divine Spark and Divine Source Energy to assist in the experience of heightened awareness of the mystery through the elevation of one’s frequency to better connect with personal messages about your Soul’s journey and to find sanctuary from our current limitations of perception.


As a healer, Valentina’s experience and compassionate nature will allow one to release energetic blockages that may limit our ability to experience a more fulfilled life experience. With the unique gift of inner sight, Valentina is able to nourish the vision to instill a passion for the transformation of thought, emotions, and actions that we are called on to accomplish. Valentina’s empathetic service has helped many in a gentle and powerful manner to actualize the next stage of their Soul’s evolution.

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We are all connected to the Divine Mother and she welcomes you home. You are—in this very moment—being offered an opportunity for self-discovery and healing! While we are all blessed with many natural gifts, sometimes we need a bit of assistance to live an authentic life through healings provided by the Divine Feminine. With this assistance, we can more easily integrate golden beautiful love, grace, and wisdom into our lives in a profound and meaningful way.

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Why Naturopathy

Why Quantum Healing?

Quantum Healing sessions are all-encompassing!  We do clearings of Birth Traumas, Negative Entities, Etheric Bodywork and Quantum work-removal of repeating patterns in energy fields and life matrix. 

Quantum Healing is a totally new and revolutionary healing process that accesses the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum field. Working in the quantum field addresses issues originating from many different sources. Valentina starts the session by meditating to maintain a gamma brain wave state throughout the healing work. Then, we call in your Higher Self and we clear the energetic distortions of the energy field of the client’s body. Next Valentina, along with her higher self and that of the client, enters the Quantum field where all of the patterns related to the client’s issue are located. These may originate from genetic inherited patterns, past lives, early life trauma, and even solar, galactic or cosmic arenas. These patterns are pulled forward and combusted into clean clear energy that is repatterned with positive intent. The result is a deeper, more far-reaching and comprehensive shifting of the client’s issues. a Transformation of the issues that are extremely complete and comprehensive.


QH involves two phases. The first being physical issues and the clearing of heavy energy imprints from the client’s energy body and the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) that surrounds it. This includes removal of ET implants, energetic attachments, DNA distortions, entities, Spirit attachments, cracks in LEF, portals and pineal clearings.

In the second phase of QH, we enter the Quantum field with the assistance of my Higher Self and that of the client to read and remove negative patterning and distortion for their issue. This includes past lives, curses, genetic patterning, pre-birth, contracts, aspects stuck in other realities and off-planet issues.

$159 per Quantum Healing Session



I could see the positive effects soon, I would say a traumatic edge which was previously there, has been taken off,  leading to a healthy feeling of ’normality’. Also, I noted conversations with females to be closer, with a feeling of a better connection and more joyful. 


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